Interview with GEMH Lab Researcher Elke Schoneveld About Applied Game MindLight


Monday March 28th, Elke Schoneveld was in the “Los in ‘t Lab” reportage of the TV-Gelderland program “Trots op Gelderland”.

“Los in ‘t Lab” is a reportage about ground-breaking research in universities and hospitals in the province of Gelderland. They interview “bright minds” about their topic of research. For the third episode of their 2017 season, journalists interviewed our GEMH Lab researcher Elke Schoneveld. She talked about her research on MindLight, an applied game for children with anxiety problems. Please click here for the video produced by Pondsmedia

For more information, please contact Elke Schoneveld.


Elke Schoneveld

Graduate and psychologist interested in the effect of games on mental health. Likes why-questions, social impact and multidisciplinary collaboration. Bubbly, (not so crazy) cat lady and outdoor enthusiast.


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