September 2018 Theme Month: You are not alone, you can talk about it!


We are happy to be back from our summer breaks and excited to start the new academic year. To kick of this year we will talk about... talking. This month's theme is "You are not alone, you can talk about it."

Lately we've noticed that more and more people in the youtube/twitch gaming community are talking about (their own) mental health. It's really great that people who are watched by so many (especially youth) are open about their own struggles and how they deal with them. Too often people are afraid to talk about their mental health issues and they feel like they are the only one feeling that way. As scientists in developmental psychopathology and as people with their own mental health struggles we can tell you that your are not alone! You can talk about it and we highly encourage you to do so. This month we will talk about some great people who are open about their struggles, about places you can go to talk and about how to talk about mental health. 

To give you an example of what we're talking about, here's a great video by youtuber jacksepticeye talking about mental health:

We hope that you join us this month to discuss this important topic! For now just know: "You are not alone, you can talk about it!"


Anouk Tuijnman

I am a passionate researcher interested in improving the well-being of young people with the use of innovative interventions.


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