Looking back at the September theme: Anti-Bullying


This (academic) year we will discuss one theme each month. We started in September with the topic "Anti-Bullying". 

Here's an overview of all online activities this month surrounding the theme:

A new theme month has already started (https://gemhlab.com/blog/substance-abuse/october-smoking-cessation-and-behavior-change/), but that doesn't mean that the topic of anti-bullying is not present in our future work. Here are a few examples of how this topic is incorporated in different projects:

Even though the theme month is over, we would like to continue talking about this topic online with you. Check out our project pages and contact us via gemhlab.com, email or Twitter!


Anouk Tuijnman

I am a passionate researcher interested in improving the well-being of young people with the use of innovative interventions.


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