Theme Month March - Gaming by Campfire


It doesn't matter what age you are, life can be a struggle.  Sometimes we want to chill, sometimes we want action, sometimes we just want to get lost in exploration, sometimes we want to be taken away in a strong narrative, but ultimately we just want a break outside our everyday grind, like the campfires of yesteryear in ye ole RPGs.  Video games have proven to be a great conduit for escapism and relaxation but when soooo many games claim to be beneficial to mental and emotional health how do we choose where to spend our valuable time?  

At the GEMH Lab we love games as much as we love our work, and we often experience the effects of many different games as part of our research.  For this March Theme Month we felt like we should share some of the games we have played and what positive mental & emotional experiences we had while playing them.  

The button below is a recommended list of video games by genre with platform and a brief description of what positive mental & emotional experiences the game features.  

Game Experiences for Better Mental Well-Being


Ken Koontz
Creative Director of GEMH Lab

GEEK, Game designer, artist, producer, anime and video game enthusiast, American football player, and as of recently a newb gardener. I'm pretty much always down for new ventures and experiences - O' ley do it!


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