GEMH Game Lounge


What is the GEMH Game Lounge?

From October 30, 2017 and on, students from the Radboud University can visit our GEMH Game Lounge daily between 12.30-13.30h (Spinoza building A 06.11a). In the Lounge, we have laptops, PlayStations and a HTC Vive VR-set to play (relaxing) games. Want to just relax with your own games? We also have an area to play games on your phone.

Games Available in the Lounge




  • Journey - Travel through vast worlds facing challenges alone or with a stranger you meet along the way.  Overcome moments of rejection and anxiety to become more emotionally resilient 
  • Flower - Fly on the wind as a flower petal and make a barren land full of life.  Relaxing and meditative, getting immersed into the rhythm of the game can provide relief during episodes of anxiety and depression.
  • Flow - Swim through a deep blue abyss as you explore, evolve and survive. A hypnotic audio visual game that adjusts to your skill level for a relaxing experience.

Virtual Reality (VR)

  • DEEP - Explore the serene world deep underwater.  A meditative VR game controlled by yogic breathing techniques that can alleviate stress, anxiety and mild depression.
  • Tilt Brush - Unleash your creativity painting in a full life-size 3D virtual world. 
  • Lumen - Use gaze tracking to stimulate growth of an interactive bio-luminescent forest.  The experience is a self-guided, nonlinear meditation. 


VR and MindLight Sign Ups

*Due to the limited spaces you need to sign up if you want to play a VR game or MindLight. Please see the Google sign up list.

Google Sign Up Sheet

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