We are generously funded by the European Research Council (ERC) and the Dutch Science Foundation (NWO), with additional funding and resources from the Behavioural Science Institute at Radboud University as well as several mental health agencies across the Netherlands. Our partners include developmental psychologists, neuroscientists, veteran game developers programmers, and artists whose objective is to harness the power of play to create games that make children's and families' lives happier, healthier, and more interconnected. Together with stakeholders, including teachers, clinicians, parents and children themselves, we co-design game experiences based on empirically validated principles of behavioural and emotional change.


About the funder

The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research supports a strong system of sciences in the Netherlands by encouraging quality and innovation in science. Our conviction is that scientific research contributes to our prosperity and well-being and that it provides for our growing need for knowledge: for facing societal challenges, for economic development and to better understand ourselves and the world.

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About the funder

The ERC operates according to a "curiosity-driven", or "bottom-up", approach, allowing researchers to identify new opportunities in any field of research. Accordingly the portfolio ERC funded projects spans a wide range of topics and research questions.

Since 2007, more than 6,500 projects have been selected to receive ERC funding throughout the EU Member States and the associated countries. The ERC has received over 62,000 project proposals for its calls.

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About the funder

ZonMw (The Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development) funds health research in the Netherlands and promotes the actual use of the knowledge this research produces.   Our aim is to promote quality and innovation of health research in order to make health care better and to keep it affordable. 

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GGZ Oost Brabant stands for "Personalized health care for you and your family".  We provide safe humane mental and emotional health care services for the citizens in the Brabant province of the Netherlands.  Working together with the client we are looking for the best solution, as far as possible, tailored to the personal situation.  Our help can be as simple and short, or as intensive and long-term as needed, but always accessible in the clinic, in the neighborhood or online, sometimes at home.

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Sr. Software Engineer

We are seeking a senior level backend developer with working experience in Unity3D Development to join our team!
Must be EU/Netherlands based | proficient in English

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