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Proven to be as effective as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

MindLight is a cutting-edge game that has been shown in many scientific studies to repeatedly decrease anxiety in children, 8-12 years old, by at least half.... and thats after only 6-8 sessions of fun and engaging gameplay.


MindLight uses biofeedback to turn emotions into real-time game input

You need a compatible biofeedback device to get any benefits from playing MindLight. Though tested with hundreds of kids ages 8-12, older kids and parents love learning to use the power of their MindLight to become more brave and confident, even months after they have played the game.

  • "Digital tools like MindLight save precious time for teachers and psychologists while also super-charging impact on adolescent mental health."

    How Technology Can Help Us Become More Human - Time Magazine

  • "This combination of therapeutic techniques and positive reinforcement (kids defeat the monsters and conquer their fear) makes MindLight a potent antianxiety tool."

    The Evolutionary Reasons We Are Drawn to Horror Movies and Haunted Houses - Scientific American

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