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    Anouk Tuijnman
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    Social Games as Prevention Tools for Depression in Young Adolescents

    In my PhD project I study social games for the prevention of depression. In my project I take part in both the development and testing of games. I want to use video games to help youth become more emotionally resilient and to decrease the stigma that surrounds depression. I do this in close collaboration with other researchers and game designers. I am particularly interested in games that are played in a social context, because I believe that both social threat and social support are key factors in the development and maintenance of depression.

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    Project Team
    • Anouk Tuijnman avatar Anouk Tuijnman

    • Isabela Granic avatar Isabela Granic

    • Rutger Engels avatar Rutger Engels

    • Marloes Kleinjan avatar Marloes Kleinjan

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