GEMH Game Gallery July 2022


Our mission at GEMH Lab is to create and raise awareness about games that facilitate wellbeing. That is why we are excited to anounce that we have created the GEMH Game Gallery; a festival which enables anyone and everyone to experience some highlights of the current games-for-wellbeing landscape!

The GEMH Game Gallery will be a one-day event offering a range of playful demos that are fun for visitors of all ages. We will present some of our own GEMH projects as well as several other initiatives developed throughout the Netherlands, all with a positive link to games and wellbeing in one way or another.

The Game Gallery will take place in the Netherlands at the end of June / beginning of July 2022

For updates on the event, such as the date, location, and program keep an eye on our GEMH website and social media accounts or check out the dedicated event page: GEMH Game Gallery 




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