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Welcome to the Games for Emotional and Mental Health (GEMH) Lab! We are committed to meeting young people in the digital playgrounds they have chosen to inhabit and providing choices that delight and empower youth while also training emotional resilience skills.

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The Wall Street Journal highlights Biofeedback Therapy with DEEP VR and the GEMH Lab at Radboud University
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    Jan Brammer Gaming Preparation

    Control Over Automatic Action Tendencies Under Threat: A Biofeedback Training in Virtual Reality

    About the project

    Fast and accurate decision making in threatening situations is vital for police officers on duty. However, under threat, people tend to react impulsively and lack cognitive control. This is why police officers need to train control over their responses to threat as much as possible. To enable this, we develop a virtual training environment with real-time biofeedback. We combine virtual reality and biofeedback to create a personalized, realistic training experience, while honing state-of-the-art technology and psychophysical theory.

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  • Project Lead Category Project Status
    Babet Halberstadt Resilience Recruitment

    Reducing Stress Through Virtual Social Support

    About the project

    People with large social networks on average live longer, happier, less stressed lives. We can potentially leverage video games and virtual spaces to increase the experience of social support and impact daily stress and anxiety. Therefore, this project aims to show that virtual social support can lower stress, and potentially impact stress coping behaviours.

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    Anouk Poppelaars Resilience Preparation

    Facing the Challenge Together: a Social Game for Emotional Resilience

    About the project

    Our research aims to transform young people’s mental health by developing and testing a social game for resiliency when facing stress events. Working in collaboration with the Award winning studio Aardman Animations, we want to harness the important mental health implications of both social support and mindsets, to develop a fun and engaging intervention.

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Vacancy for (Sr) Game Developer

The GEMH Lab is looking for an experienced gameplay and mobile platform developer experienced in scraping data from a variety of social media and streaming sources. Advanced machine learning skills is a plus.

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We are excited to work with professionals from different industries, please contact us to discuss creating new playful and meaningful experiences toward improving mental and emotional health.