We are a research and development lab that aims to establish the scientific foundations for effective mental health games. We empirically validate our games with rigorous research designs, we share our data publicly, and publish our results regardless of outcomes. We are also committed to developing a theoretical framework and new methodologies that stipulate how to use games to experimentally test theories of psychological change.



Our international partners include developmental psychologists, neuroscientists, veteran game developers, and artists whose objective is to harness the power of play to transform children's emotional lives. We co-design game experiences based on empirically validated principles, together with clinicians, parents and children themselves.


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    Isabela Granic Resilience Preparation

    Bloombox: A Toolkit for Creating Transformative Tech

    About the project

    Creating digital tech—whether it be videogames or apps—that makes a real impact on human flourishing is hard! Luckily, at the GEMH Lab we have amassed many lessons learned, tips, tricks and caveats over the years of our existence. All of which we aim to bring together in the Bloombox: a toolkit for creating transformative tech.

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  • Project Lead Category Project Status
    Nastasia Griffioen Social Media Preparation

    Wisper: The Power of Connecting through Voice

    About the project

    We are in the midst of a global transition in which digital “screens” are no longer simply entertainment devices and distractions; rather, young people are currently living in a hybrid reality that links digital spaces to offline contexts. It is clear that the current generation of young people is growing up in a digital ecosystem unprecedented in its ubiquity and complexity! With Wisper, we aim to create a space that helps young people connect authentically with others and themselves.

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    Suhaavi Kochhar Behavior Regulation Recruitment

    HitnRun 2.0: A smartphone game to help youth quit smoking

    About the project

    Welcome to HitnRun, the innovative mobile game designed to help youths quit smoking by offering guidance, social support, and goal setting. Developed by a team of researchers, game developers, and youths, HitnRun utilizes cutting-edge psychology research to distract from smoking urges, build healthier habits, and focus on a smoke-free future. With daily reminders, just-in-time interventions, and an AI-generated art feature for motivation, HitnRun empowers young individuals to lead healthier, happier lives. Join the community today and take the first step toward a smoke-free future!

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