My road to the GEMH Lab


I met the GEMH Lab on Facebook some years ago while I was still in my sociology Bachelor. As I am very interested in human behaviour, gaming, and technology, the things they were doing immediately grabbed my attention. However, as I had no room in my curriculum at that time for an internship or something similar, I let go of the idea and wrote down the name ‘GEMH Lab’ in my notes.

Currently, I’m doing a master’s degree in applied cognitive psychology. In this curriculum there is a big blank space with the name ‘internship’ written over it. So, I contacted the GEMH Lab, had a few talks via Zoom, and here we are.

The GEMH Lab consists of a team of positive-minded people that are happy to give you feedback and are always in for discussion. One of those positive-minded people is Nastasia, who I’m working with during my short time as an intern. With her help, I’m looking into ways to ‘translate’ the knowledge found in a recently published paper about methods used in social media research. I look for methods that can make the research clearer and more accessible for a broader (non-scientific) audience. Due to the broad perspective of this project, I’m very free to investigate and think about all kinds of different ways to reach this goal. This freedom makes it both fun, as I can tap into a more creative part of myself, and challenging, as the given structure is also quite limited.

 All in all, I can already say that, even during this corona time, I enjoy being an intern at GEMH Lab and working with Nastasia, and I’m very much looking forward to how to end-product will eventually take shape.


Yannick van Dijk


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