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A custom controller measures diaphragm expansion in order to sense deep breathing. This information is fed back to the player in a variety of visual cues, intimately linking their consciousness and breath.

The environment's layout gently encourages the player to slow their breath, to sink deeper and relax. It can be played for therapeutic or aesthetic reasons, and does not require the use of arms, legs or hands.


Allow the game to sweep you into its relaxing embrace as it teaches you yogic breathing techniques that can alleviate stress

  • “(Deep) was calming, and I began to experience the sense of peace I brushed against in my other experiments in meditation ... for me, for a few minutes, it worked.”

    Ben Kuchera - Polygon

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made by

Owen Harris & Niki Smit

Owen Harris is a game designer, VR designer and lover of all things playful. When not working on DEEP, he designs games and VR experiences for the University of Cambridge, Cancer Research UK, Gambrinous and others.

Niki Smit is co-founder of Monobanda PLAY, a Utrecht based game company that develops playful interactive experiences. He is a game designer and artist.