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The Wisperverse is an ecosystem of social audio experiences, designed to help people forge genuine connections between parts of themselves and with others, through the power of voice. 

Despite the Internet providing us with a never-before-seen level of connectivity, most people feel a stark and growing sense of disconnection—from the self, from others, and from our environment.

In our current online culture, attention is commodified and being vied for by platforms and companies seeking to capitalise on the human desire for community, curiosity and self-insight—in the process leaving young people feeling they have been left with the precise opposite.

By creating a playful digital space that engages and fosters authentic interactions in various forms—called Wisps—we aim to cultivate a world where individuals thrive, communities unite, and societies flourish.

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Meet Our Collection of Wisps 

the wisperverse vision

Thriving Individuals

Wisperverse is committed to helping young people discover their true selves and embrace their unique voices. Through our innovative audio games, we provide a safe and immersive space for personal exploration, encouraging young people to express their thoughts, emotions, and aspirations. By nurturing self-awareness and fostering self-acceptance, we enable individuals to confidently navigate their journey of self-discovery and unlock their full potential.

United Communities

The Wisperverse recognises the inherent need for human connection and aims to bridge the gaps between people. We believe that trust, mutual emotional responsibility, and joyful interactions form the foundation of thriving communities. Our platform facilitates meaningful interactions, encouraging empathy, understanding, and creative collaboration among users. By fostering a supportive network, we empower young people to build deep, lasting relationships, fostering a collective strength that transcends boundaries and nurtures a sense of belonging.

Flourishing Societies

Through Wisperverse, we envision a society where authentic communication is valued and celebrated. By equipping young people with the skills and tools to engage in meaningful dialogue, we strive to create a world that embraces diversity of thought, empathy, and inclusivity. We believe that fostering genuine connections is the cornerstone of positive societal transformation. Wisper aims to break down barriers and bolster understanding, forgiveness, and hope, ultimately contributing to a global community where every voice is heard, valued, and respected.

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