A Journey Completed! | Dr. Verheijen's Doctoral Defense "The Interplay between Video Games and Social Adjustment in Adolescence"


I am thrilled to announce that I, Dr. Geert Verheijen, successfully completed my research project and defended my PhD thesis on October 13th, 2020!

My research project is now officially finished, but I hope to continue my work as a gaming researcher in the future as well. There is so much more left to explore!

Anyone who is interested in my findings is welcome to read my disseration by clicking the button below. 

The Interplay between Video Games and Social Adjustment in Adolescence

Or if you're looking for somewhat more digestible information about my project, check out the following links:

Radio segment 

Omroep Gelderland 

Click on "Uur 2" segment starts around 16:10

English interview

Gaming with Friends Can Combat Loneliness

Dutch interviews

NRC - Al die uren Fortnite hoeven niet erg te zijn

RU - Jongeren die Gamen met Vrienden Bouwen Sterkere Banden op 

RTL Nieuws - Dit is waarom (urenlang) gamen goed is voor je kind

Volkskrant - Ouders hebben vaak verkeerd negatief beeld van hun gamende kinderen


Geert Verheijen

Researcher with a focus on the social development of teens, interested in the effects of average, day-to-day video game use. enthusiastic board gamer & self-proclaimed institutional champion of Super Smash Brothers.


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