Game will teach about bullying


Colleagues from the Open University will start two international research projects about bullying. Project Blurred Lives aims to understand cyberbullying from the youth’s perspective. The name of the second project – Gate-bull - stands for ‘Using a Games approach to Teach children about discriminatory BULLying’. It aims to develop a simulation game in which children can experience and respond to discriminatory bullying scenarios. The game gives feedback on the in-game choices children make. This way children practice intercultural and social skills. Five-hundred children from four countries will participate in this project. We at GEMH Lab are already curious about the results!

For more information click here (Dutch).


Elke Schoneveld

Graduate and psychologist interested in the effect of games on mental health. Likes why-questions, social impact and multidisciplinary collaboration. Bubbly, (not so crazy) cat lady and outdoor enthusiast.


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