GEMH-Lab Plays #1: Frog Climbers


GEMH-lab Plays 

As members of the GEMH-lab we not only research games, but we also enjoy playing them!

On the website we will be therefore be uploading let's play video's where members of the GEMH-lab will play and discuss videogames from the perspective of mental health. In these video's we will feature a wide range of videogames. Whereas some games will have clear mental health-related content, we also want to highlight games that may contribute in a different way, e.g. because they have an interesting gameplay mechanic or theme.

Frog Climbers 

For our first video we decided to play Frog Climbers, a fun multiplayer game that we discovered in the indie games section during Gamescom 2016. Ever since, it has become one of our go-to multiplayer games to play at game nights.

The game has a pretty straightforward goal: arrive to the top of the mountain before any of the other players do. However, this is easier said then done. You have to control both of your frog's arms separately, and on top of that, other players can block your path or even use you as leverage! Because of this, hilarity ensues (as you will see in the video).

The controls are easy to learn, making it a great game to play with less-experienced players. Each round starts with a little tutorial, and during each match, there is always a way for players that are lagging behind to catch up. But don't be fooled, the game is hard to master, especially with all the extra modifiers (like one-handed). 

We hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed playing it!


Joanneke Weerdmeester
Researcher at GEMH Lab

Behavioural scientist, lecturer, consultant, gamer, dungeon master, language enthusiast, and lover of all things geeky.


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