GEMH-Lab Plays #2: Bully: Scholarship Edition


GEMH-lab Plays #2

As members of the GEMH-lab we not only research games, but we also enjoy playing them!

September 18-22 is the Dutch national week against bullying, so for our second Let's Play we're playing an oldie but a goodie: 'Bully: Scholarship Edition', a (somewhat buggy) PC port of a Playstation 2 game that was released back in 2006.

It's a open world highschool simulator by the creators of Grand Theft Auto, and it's called 'Bully'... as you can imagine, there was some concern from parents back when this game was first announced. So was the controversy justified or is it just a fun game? Anouk and Babet take a brief look at the actual gameplay. 



Babet Halberstadt

PhD candidate with a background in neuroscience, now combining her love of gaming with her interest in the brain and human behaviour. Collector of useless skills, photographer, illustrator, and ukulele player.


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