Person-centric AI - What does that actually mean?

GEMH lab's Nastasia Griffioen wrote a blog on person-centric Artificial Intelligence (AI). What does this term actually mean and how do we strive towards building AI tools that are not only just convenient and efficient, but also make sense from a human psychological perspective?

We need to consider the human mind behind every AI tool, and this is something that – at least, so it seems – is still underrepresented in the field of artificial intelligence. However, if you read this and are working on such an approach to AI, hit us up ([email protected]) — We’d love to hear about your work!


Nastasia Griffioen
Chief Scientific Officer

Nerd, is fascinated by the brain even more than your average zombie, into etymology and reading, drawn to anything tech-related, especially artificial intelligence. Wants to explore social tech (such as social media) and how these relate to young people's wellbeing.


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