Donating our Playstations to families in poverty


In March we posted a blog called "Stay Connected! Games to Play Online with Friends or Family". The blog focused on games to play with friends and family online, now that most of us in the world are quarantined. In the past we have also written about games that can help you feel better or relax, something which might be hard to do in these uncertain times. However, we also realized that not everyone would have easy access to the games we recommend. Some families live in poverty and can't afford gaming consoles. We wanted to do something for them too. In her PhD project Marlou Poppelaars studied the positive effects of playing commercial video games on depressive symptoms. In one of her studies participants played the games Journey and Flower on the Playstation 3. Sony had donated Playstations to our lab and they were well used in Marlou's study. However, since then our lab has mostly moved to PC or mobile games, and the Playstations were no longer being used. So when we were talking about something we could do for families who live in poverty, we thought of the Playstations. 

We contacted a few organizations in our area who work with families that live in poverty. We asked them whether we could share the Playstations with them so they could give them to families. Last Friday, we checked and updated all Playstations and two organizations picked up the first 16. They led us know that the families would be thrilled to receive the Playstations. We are so happy and grateful that we could give something to families who could use something extra. 

The two organisations do amazing work and I'd like to write a little bit about them. If you want to contribute to their cause, please visit their websites for more information.

Vincentius Nijmegen

The first organisation is Vincentius Nijmegen. Vincentius tries to tackle problems like poverty and loneliness in Nijmegen, and is run by volunteers. They provide direct and personal help, but they also have two 50 cent stores and several activities each month (e.g. Eat & meet; Soup with your neigbours; and Cooking with children). If you want to know more about this wonderful organisation, or if you want to help them with their cause, please go to


The second organisation is Quiet. Quiet is a national organisation dedicated to making noise for silent poverty. They have local divisions throughout the country and they have set up the Quiet Community which is a marketplace without money. Quiet members receive a service, product or treat without Quiet asking for something back. However, if they want to give something back, they can. And Quiet has noticed that people are very inclined to do so. Each member has his or her own unique qualities that they can use to help others. Please go to to learn more about all the wonderful work they do. 


Anouk Tuijnman

I am a passionate researcher interested in improving the well-being of young people with the use of innovative interventions.


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