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For my PhD project I am working on a virtual reality training-game for the Dutch police. The goal is to train police officers to make optimal decisions in highly stressful situations. The game will involve biofeedback and my role is to identify and integrate biofeedback parameters that facilitate improved decision making under stress. Futher, I will help informing the game development and eventually test the efficacy of the game.

I have a background in biological Psychology (BSc from Maastricht University) and Cognitive Neuroscience (research-MSc from Maastricht University) and I am generally interested in how electroencephalographic (especially oscillatory) activity gives rise to cognitive and behavioral phenomena. Throughout my studies I worked with electroencephalography and started by investigating how the recognition of personally salient information can be detected by means of time-locked cortical potentials. Subsequently, during a research internship at the German Sports University Cologne I studied the role of oscillatory cortical activity in the temporal resolution of visual perception.

Projects I’ve worked on

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    Behavior Regulation

    DUST: Decisions Under Stress Training - A Biofeedback Training in Virtual Reality for police officers

    About the project

    The work of a police officer can be seen as an evolutionary paradox: in places and situations where most people would fall prey to survival instincts of self-preservation, police officers ought to act calm, with proportionality and benevolence. This is why police officers need to train control over their responses to threat as much as possible. To enable this, we develop a virtual training environment with real-time biofeedback. We combine virtual reality and biofeedback to create a personalized, realistic training experience, while honing state-of-the-art technology and psychophysical theory.

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My publications

  • Deep-Breathing Biofeedback Trainability in a Virtual-Reality Action Game: A Single-Case Design Study With Police Trainers

    Michela, A., van Peer, J. M., Brammer, J. C., Nies, A., van Rooij, M. M. J. W., Oostenveld, R., Dorrestijn, W., Smit, A. S., Roelofs, K., Klumpers, F., & Granic, I. (2022). Frontiers in Psychology, 13, 29. https://doi.org/10.3389/fpsyg.2022.806163

    Author: Abele Michela

    Upload date: 02-10-2022

  • Breathing Biofeedback for Police Officers in a Stressful Virtual Environment: Challenges and Opportunities

    Brammer, J. C., van Peer, J. M., Michela, A., van Rooij, M. M. J. W., Oostenveld, R., Klumpers, F., Dorrestijn, W., Granic, I., & Roelofs, K. (2021). Frontiers in Psychology, 12, 586553. https://doi.org/10.3389/fpsyg.2021.586553

    Author: Jan Brammer

    Upload date: 03-12-2021

  • Reducing the Noise of Reality

    Michela, A., van Rooij, M. M. J. W., Klumpers, F., van Peer, J. M. J. M., Roelofs, K., & Granic, I. (2019). Psychological Inquiry, 30(4), 203–210. https://doi.org/10.1080/1047840X.2019.1693872

    Author: Abele Michela

    Upload date: 01-04-2020

Worked together with

Isabela Granic
Director of GEMH Lab

Professor and Chair of the Developmental Psychopathology department in the Behavioural Science Institute; writer; voracious podcast consumer; mother of two upstanding little gamers


Professor at McMaster's University & Co-founder of PlayNice Interactive

Abele Michela
Researcher at GEMH Lab

Phd student working on a training program for Dutch Police incorporating Virtual Reality and Biofeedback.


PhD-Candidate at Radboud University

Evan Hirsch

I work with clients to design ecosystems, adapt bleeding edge research and develop end-to-end strategies that help improve the lives of their patients, practitioners and users.


CEO and Co-founder of PlayNice Interactive

Karin Roelofs

Professor of Experimental Psychopathology at the Behavioural Science Institute (BSI) and chair of the PI-group “Affective Neuroscience” at the Donders Centre for Cognitive Neuroimaging (DCCN), Radboud University. Director of the EPAN Lab (www.epanlab.nl)




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