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Researcher, PhD candidate, passionate plant mom, fitness buff, people person, suffers from an optimism bias, ESFJ and enneagram type 2. Especially keen on translational science; it's time we burst the bubble!!!

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And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.

Friedrich Nietzsche, philosopher

About me

I'm currently a PhD candidate at Radboud University Nijmegen, prior to which I did my bachelor's in Psychology at Ashoka University in India and the research master's in Psychology at the University of Amsterdam. Through internships and research projects during my studies, I developed a keen interest in intervention science and addiction, with a strong background in methodology. 

Growing up in India, I saw a stark contrast between the need for mental health resources and the lack thereof. Through technology we can go miles bridging the gap and I'm currently attempting to do my part. As part of my PhD, we're (re-)designing HitnRun, a smartphone game to help youth quit smoking using the user-centred approach and I'm loving every part of the process. Right from the multidisciplinary perspectives in our team to engaging with the target group and societal stakeholders as we work toward an effective, engaging, and fun intervention! Stay tuned for HitnRun 2.0 :)

Projects I’ve worked on

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    Behavior Regulation

    Detour: A smartphone game to help youth quit smoking

    About the project

    Welcome to Detour, the innovative mobile game designed to help youths quit smoking by offering guidance, social support, and goal setting. Developed by a team of researchers, game developers, and youths, Detour utilizes cutting-edge psychology research to distract from smoking urges, build healthier habits, and focus on a smoke-free future. With daily reminders, just-in-time interventions, and a habit tracker feature for motivation, Detour empowers young individuals to lead healthier, happier lives. Join the community today and take the first step toward a smoke-free future!

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My publications

  • Suhaavi Kochhar on Google Scholar

    Smoking, Addiction, Digital Interventions

    Author: Suhaavi Kochhar

    Upload date: 05-25-2024

  • Mechanisms of Change in a Go/No-Go Training Game for Young Adult Smokers

    Scholten, H., Luijten, M., Poppelaars, A., Johnson-Glenberg, M. C., & Granic, I. (2021). Health Psychology, 40(12), 998-1008.

    Author: Hanneke Scholten

    Upload date: 07-01-2021

  • A Randomized Controlled Trial to Test the Effectiveness of a Peer-Based Social Mobile Game Intervention to Reduce Smoking in Youth

    Scholten, H., Luijten, M., & Granic, I. (2019). Development and Psychopathology, 31, 1923-1943. doi: 10.1017/S0954579419001378

    Author: Hanneke Scholten

    Upload date: 06-17-2020

  • Behavioral Trainings and Manipulations to Reduce Delay Discounting: A Systematic Review.

    Scholten, H., Scheres, A., De Water, E., Graf, U., Granic, I., & Luijten, M. (2019). Psychonomic Bulletin and Review, 26, 1803-1849. doi: 10.3758/s13423-019-01629-2

    Author: Hanneke Scholten

    Upload date: 07-03-2019

  • Do Smokers Devaluate Smoking Cues after Go/NoGo Training?

    Scholten, H., Granic, I., Chen, Z., Veling, H., & Luijten, M. (2019). Psychology & Health, 34(5), 609-625. doi: 10.1080/08870446.2018.1554184

    Author: Hanneke Scholten

    Upload date: 01-29-2019

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Hanneke Scholten
Co-Director of GEMH Lab

Researcher, interdisciplinary work and collaboration, wants to understand the how's and why's, loves her high heels and coffee in the morning, walks and talks too fast.


Assistant Professor at Erasmus MC Sophia Children's Hospital

Ken Koontz
Creative Director of GEMH Lab

GEEK, Game designer, artist, producer, anime and video game enthusiast, American football player, and as of recently a newb gardener. I'm pretty much always down for new ventures and experiences - O' ley do it!


Founder of Koontz Interactive

Isabelle Kniestedt
Project Manager at GEMH Lab

As a creator, researcher, and teacher, I bring together skills from academia and development to explore the ways in which games can contribute to society.


Development and management


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