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Researcher, multidisciplinary work and collaboration, wants to understand the how's and why's, loves her high heels and coffee in the morning, walks and talks too fast.

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  1. 30 Seconds (board game)
  2. Thomas was Alone
  3. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons
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"Nothing any good, isn’t hard"

F. Scott Fitzgerald

About me

I was born in the Netherlands and obtained my Bachelor Pedagogy and Educational Sciences and Research Master Behavioural Science at the Radboud University Nijmegen. In my second Research Master year I tested the effectiveness of an immersive 3D video game, Dojo, in preventing adolescents’ anxiety problems. Running the project and talking to the adolescents in the study, I became enthusiastic about the impact of videogames and I decided to stay focused on video games during my PhD. With my PhD at the Developmental Psychopathology programme, I aim to design and test a video game to help youth and young adults quit smoking. In this project, I'm driven to develop an intervention that could help youth and young adults quit smoking, since there is currently no intervention available for this age group. I'm not only interested in the effectiveness of the intervention, but also want to understand how and why this game could achieve smoking cessation in youth and young adults. One of the methods I will use to obtain this knowledge is electroencephalography (EEG).

Projects I’ve worked on

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    Substance Abuse

    Designing and Testing a Video Game to Help Youth Quit Smoking

    About the project

    Smoking is one of the leading public health problems in the world. Currently, there is no evidence-based intervention program available to help youth and young adults quit smoking. Besides the lack of high-quality research, recruitment and retention of youth and young adults are two of the most challenging aspects of the implementation and evaluation of smoking cessation interventions. We argue that limitations in current smoking cessation interventions for youth can be maximally addressed by using video games as interventions. In the current project a video game will be developed and tested on its effectiveness and mechanisms of change to help youth and young adults quit smoking.

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My updates

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    About the event

    Behavioural Science Institute Day 2017


    Berg en Dal

    Annual conference of our research institute. GEMH Lab member Hanneke Scholten will give a talk about co-designing interventions with target populations.

My publications

  • A Randomized Controlled Trial to Test the Effectiveness of an Immersive 3D Video Game for Anxiety Prevention among Adolescents

    Scholten, H., Malmberg, M., Lobel, A., Engels, R. C. M. E., & Granic, I. (2016). PloS One, 11(1), e0147763. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0147763

    Author: Hanneke Scholten

    Upload date: 01-27-2016

Worked together with

Ken Koontz

In house game designer, artist, producer and lover of games. I bring diversity, design experience and the NOISE!!!!


Creative Director

Isabela Granic

Professor and Chair of the Developmental Psychopathology department in the Behavioural Science Institute; writer; voracious podcast consumer; mother of two upstanding little gamers


Director of GEMH Lab

Adam Lobel

User Research Analyst at Ubisoft Montréal. My favorite games tell emotionally rich stories and challenge me to think differently


User Research Analyst

Anouk Poppelaars

PhD candidate interested in using social regulation of emotion and multidisciplinary game design to promote mental health in youth. Disheveled multi-tasker and provider of snacks.



Rutger Engels


CEO at Trimbos Institute / Professor Developmental Psychopathology Utrecht University

Maartje Luijten


Assistant Professor

Marientina Gotsis


Research Assistant Professor


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