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This project is about providing adolescents living in (or displaced from) Ukraine with the supports and skills required to reduce bedtime rumination, to identify and savor positive experiences that create uplifting feelings, to deploy savoring as a tool to “switch” from negative rumination cycles to positive savoring cycles, and to improve sleep duration and quality.

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Sleep and emotional health are closely interrelated and represent an area of vulnerability during adolescence. Sleep deficits have a direct negative effect on emotional functioning, and emotional difficulties interfere with sleep. This negative spiral is amplified enormously for youth immersed in conflict, as they are exposed to traumatic images and experiences, threats to their safety and security, and to war-related disruptions impacting their families, schools, communities, and daily lives. Interventions that effectively target sleep and promote the experience and savoring of positive emotions in these contexts could buffer negative impacts of sleep deprivation on adolescents’ long-term emotional and physical health, while also generating immediate benefits to adolescents’ affect, cognition, and mental health.


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    Author: Isabela Granic

    Upload date: 01-17-2014

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