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This project aims to find out if and how participating in Social Meditation–a simple set of out-loud, peer-2-peer, interactive, & trauma-informed protocols–can positively impact wellbeing.

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Our current age is characterized by a never-before-seen level of connectivity that is starkly juxtaposed by an increasing sense of disconnection—from the self, from others, and from our environment. In a society that puts economic productivity and growth above much else, young people are faced with a hybrid reality in which attention is hardly their own anymore. Attention is instead constantly being vied for by platforms and companies seeking to capitalize on the human desire for community, curiosity and self-insight—in the process leaving young people feeling they have been left with the precise opposite. Our project seeks to address these issues of attention and disconnection by investigating the potential of a spiritual practice—Social Noting—that strives to provide agency of attention, compassion, connection within the digital space that now has become a vital element of our hybrid reality.


  • The Benefits of Playing Video Games

    Granic, I., Lobel, A., & Engels, R. C. (2014). American Psychologist, 69, 66-78.

    Author: Isabela Granic

    Upload date: 01-17-2014

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