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Game designer, VR-guru, mocap artist, animator, video editor and all-round problem solver. Avid gamer, movie lover and dabbling photographer.

Top-3 games
  1. Inside
  2. Firewatch
  3. Infinifactory
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"It seems that perfection is attained not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing more to remove."

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

About me

As member of the Radboud University Faculty of Social Sciences’ Technical Support Group, I help researchers with creating compelling and effective (interactive) audio-visual stimuli for their behavioral experiments. My multidisciplinary background in Communication and Multimedia Design allows me to judge which medium, style, genre and/or technique is best suited for each individual project. I take a no-nonsense approach to design and like to boil concepts down to their raw essence. In case of video games, this means I can often exploit the power of a strong single mechanic, instead of relying on a convoluted mix of elements that ultimately reduce the effectiveness of the game.

Projects I’ve worked on

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    Substance Abuse

    The Impact of Health Games on Implicit Attitudes Towards Food and Food Choice Behavior

    About the project

    Because of the observed overlap between obesity and substance abuse, excessive eating has been termed addictive behavior. We want to investigate whether video games can be used to modify automatic processes involved in eating behavior. The focus of this project is on a positive implicit attitude towards energy-dense food and automatic approach behavior.

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Ken Koontz

In house game designer, artist, producer and lover of games. I bring diversity, design experience and the NOISE!!!!


Creative Director

Eva Alblas

My research focuses on targeting obesity among adolescents, as this maintains to be a growing problem (World Health Organization, 2000).



Shengnan Chen


Research Master's Student


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